General Information

The School Day

Junior and Senior Infants – 9:20 am until 2pm
First to Sixth Classes – 9:20 am to 3pm

All children are requested to be in their classrooms at 9:20am.The school will be open from 9:10am to receive children and pupils are fully supervised in their classrooms until 9:20am. Parents are asked to encourage their child to walk from the main door to their classroom on their own. Please be punctual. Arriving late can be very upsetting for young children and disruptive to others. Parents of infant children are asked to collect their children promptly at 2pm.

All children have a ten minute break from 11 am to 11:10 am and a half hour for lunch from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm. All breaks are supervised by a teacher.

The Bridgetown N.S. uniform is currently being updated. More information to follow in the New Year.

Indoor shoes:  We recommend that parents purchase black plimsolls to use as indoor shoes. These are most suitable for use in the hall during P.E. lessons. Please write your child’s name on the plimsolls.

All schools are required to inform the Education Welfare Board if a child has missed more than 20 days in a school year. The school reports to the Education Welfare Board four times a year.

Healthy Lunches
Bridgetown N.S. has a policy of promoting healthy eating. The following is a list of foods we recommend for a healthy lunch:

Sandwiches, Crackers, Scones, Raw Vegetables,
Salad, Cheese, Yoghurt, Fruit juice, Water, Fruit

Severe Nut Allergy Notice

From September 2018, there will be a school wide ban on nuts in our school due to a child with a severe allergy to peanuts. Therefore, the following foods will not be allowed in school:

Peanuts or any loose nuts, peanut butter, cereal bars, granola bars, yogurts with granola toppings and pesto.

Please err on the side of caution when selecting snacks for your child’s lunch. 

We discourage the following:
Sweets, Crisps, Bars, Fruit Winders, Fizzy drinks, Chewing gum