School Garden

Making a Wormery

On the 12th of May we set about making a wormery. First we had to go on a worm hunt! As it was a very dry day we had to …

More Birdspotting

The children in Mrs McNamara’s 1st and 2nd are getting really good at using our school camera and spotting all the birds getting fat outside our window!

Bird Spotting

Here are some of the birds we have gotten pictures of out the window of our classroom. They are really loving our bird-feeders. 

Planting Dwarf Sunflowers

As part of the science curriculum the children in 1st and 2nd investigated what a plant needs for growth. We planted sunflower seedlings which had been growing on our window-sill …


The children of first and second explored the theme of homes in SESE. Then we made some houses for our animal teddies in the garden. The children brought in some …